PCO-Professional Congress Organiser 

We successfully deliver superior world class conferences, congresses, symposiums, seminars!

We organize congresses, summits, seminars and any other professional or educational meeting from the smallest gathering to the largest scientific event. We provide our clients with the means, the know-how, the expertise and the enthusiasm for the materialization of every type of professional event with the utmost dedication and commitment. We undertake the overall organization and management of your event, from the bidding process to the abstracts collection, the marketing & sponsoring activities, the social activities and travel services for your delegates, speakers, executive committees and team.


We have to date, organized and worked with:

  • 810 congresses, symposiums, seminars, day conferences and meetings
  • 400 associations, commercial companies and scientific institutions
  • 279.000 participants


During the bidding phase we

  • Seek the proper institutional support from public & private bodies
  • Prepare destination presentation
  • Receive offers from local partners
  • Select suitable venues
  • Prepare budget, financial and technical guidance and support
  • Organise site visits for the Executive Committee

Prior to your congress we

  • Draft Congress Program & Invitations
  • Manage the scientific program – from abstract collection to program publication
  • Undertake flights and land arrangements for Speakers, Delegates, Guests, Team
  • Prepare Media & Marketing Plan (Press Releases, Newsletter)
  • Secure sponsorships
  • Prepare awareness campaigns
  • Negotiate contract terms and fees with suppliers
  • Finalise Bugdet needs
  • Provide ongoing technical guidance & support on a daily basis
  • Create artwork for congress printed, digital material and website
  • Manage Registrations

During your congress we undertake the

  • Secretarial organization and operation
  • Plenary & Meeting rooms set-up
  • Exhibition management & set up
  • Sponsorship management
  • Handling of scientific announcements
  • Press office set up for the promotion of the congress in Greece and abroad
  • Design, construction and signage (banners, posters)
  • Organization of audio visual equipment (remote live streaming technologies, barcoding, online voting systems, 3D projections)
  • Organization of translation booths and interpreters

We take care of your delegates’ stay and social program

  • Gala & President’s dinner
  • Social Activities for delegates, VIPs and team
  • Social activities and tourist programs for accompanying persons
  • Hospitality desks at airport and hotels

Post your event we

  • Produce Final Report with participants lists and registration evolution
  • Produce Audit Report
  • Prepare satisfaction surveys
  • Send promotional material for filling purposes